What is Squirting?

October 15, 2008

Also known as female ejaculation, squirting refers to the ejection of visible amounts of apparent liquid by human females from the paraurethral ducts through and around the urethra throughout or before orgasm. The precise source and nature of the fluid continues to be the subject of intense dispute amid health professionals.

Women would take pleasure in squirting female ejaculation if it was further understood that it’s normal, healthy, and enjoyable. It’s absolutely not vaginal lubrication, and it’s not pee either.


For a number of women this comes easier than for others. For several, it might not even be achievable. One thing is for certain, whether she can decipher how to squirt or not, it will be a a lot of pleasure by just trying.

Very modest medical research has addressed the source or sources of squirting. The study that has been completed frequently provides contradictory outcome. Some research postulates it is only juice from the female prostate while other says it is habitually liquid from the bladder with trace numbers of fluid from the female prostate.

Ejaculation only requires a few small changes in procedure. Drain your bladder first; you want to let go without a full bladder producing the force or urge. The urge should still build up, just not be the result of a full bladder. The urge to squirt may not take place without there being stimulus of your prostate or urethra. This is prone to necessitate the use of a dildo if you are alone.

I hate to be the bringer of bad information but odds are the women seen squirting in typical squirting porn movies are probably releasing fluid from their bladder rather than ejaculating. They counterfeit their ejaculations just as they forge their orgasms. They are deliberately squirting juice from their bladder to replicate orgasm and true female ejaculation, or quickly expelling liquid they put within their vagina. The evidence of this is the shear quantity and the white color of the fluid they eject. Enjoy those female ejaculation videos but keep in the back of your brains that it is all fantasy.